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Construction Materials

Soil, Rock, Stones, Pozzolan, Aggregate, Bitumen and Asphalt, Concrete, Concrete Cubes, Concrete Kerbstone, Masonry Unit, and similar, Paving Interlocking Blocks..etc

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Materials and Engineering Materials

Plastic Pipes, Tubes and Sheets of all types and Grades (e.g. PVC, LDPE, HDPE, Polyethylene, Polyester, Thermoplastic, etc.). Composite Materials, Metals and Metal alloys (e.g. Steel, Ductile Iron, Aluminium, Gold, Precious Metals, etc), of all types (e.g. Bars, Tubes, Pipes, Beams, Strands, Rope, etc.) ..etc

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Environmental Monitoring

Air Quality, Ambient Air, Indoor Air and Air Pollutants, Soil and Organic Debris/Ash - for all types (for Residential, Agricultural, Industrial use and others), Stack Emission and similar

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Food and Feed (Microbiology/Chemical)

Beverage, Cereal, Dairy Products, Feed, Fruit, Spices, Meat, Nuts, Oil, Beverage, Jams, Honey, Canned Goods, Herbs, Vegetables, Infant Food, Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Drink and similar

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Water (Microbiology/Chemical)

Water, Drinking Water, Ground Water, Marine Water, Waste Water, Waste Sludge, and similar

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Inter Laboratory Comparison

Proficiency Testing for Testing and Calibration using Certified Reference Material or Formulated Samples - All kind of Testing and Calibration Quantities, Proficiency Testing for Testing and Calibration using Reference Laboratory or Reference Expert(s) - All kind of Testing and Calibration Quantities

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Inspection &

Certification Services

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At Jacob Proficiency Testing Provider Services, we are dedicated to delivering reliable and accurate proficiency testing solutions to laboratories across industries. What sets us apart is our peerless expertise in the field.


Our team of experienced professionals brings deep industry knowledge to ensure accurate and reliable results.

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Quality standards ensures the reliability and integrity of our proficiency testing programs.


We understand that every laboratory is unique, with specific testing requirements and challenges.

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Our proficiency testing services cover a wide range of analytical testing disciplines and methodologies.


We believe in continuous improvement and strive to enhance our proficiency testing programs continuously.

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About Jacob Proficiency

Jacob Proficiency involves assurance of technical competence and good quality management practices. It also adds verification of the accredited test, however relates to international confidence in the testing schemes. Our Management and Technical staff assure high quality services, Integrity, Independence, Impartiality, Confidentiality, highly trained experts, statistical experts and unmatched customer service. This leads to international trade assurances and the international guidelines are followed in the testing field and assignment of property values to materials, including stability, homogeneity determination that are then factored in the test results reported.

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